Title Research

Our dedication to quality land work is exemplified in our title services. Whether you are looking for courthouse runs, cursory title, or entire prospect coverage, Texhoma Land Consultants surpasses the highest industry standards. We have the capabilities to quickly complete accurate title reports, with products the In-house landman can easily understand to support complex decisions which reduces risk exposure. With experience in all major basins and a network of skilled landmen, our expertise and professionalism accelerate your efforts. With the ability to customize our services in order to meet all your title needs, no project is too big or too small.

Comprehensive Title Reports

    • In-depth ownership reports with mineral, royalty, surface, and working interest owners
    • Vast experience in depth severances, with capabilities to limit or encompass all depths
    • Abilities in finding and verifying missing working interest, mineral, and royalty owners in a discreet manner
    • Tax Assessment research
    • Going beyond the courthouse, using resources outside the county recordings to help verify claims

System Capabilities

    • Digital Reports, complete with detailed indices and title flow charts
    • Reporting reflected on our GIS services, to easily identify open interest or potential buyers
    • Depth Severance Layers on GIS systems, visualize your holdings
    • Pugh Clause and Pooling layers, to fully capture future exploration obstacles

Specialty Services

    • Adept with private, State, BLM, BIA, and other regulated lands.
    • Comprehensive heirship chains with detailed contact information
    • Detailed review of Common Title Standards in any basin or play
    • Historical Survey, Mapping, and Topographical research


    • Qualified Land experts throughout the United States
    • Scalability on projects, 1-man jobs to contracting 250+
    • Federal/State/Indian land expertise

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