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Experience Matters

Texhoma Land Consultants brings a wealth of local knowledge that is pivotal not only in traditional oil and gas sectors but also in the rapidly growing renewable energy sector. Our land managers are adept in navigating the legal and regulatory landscapes across all states in the lower 48, where traditional energy sources have been, and continue to be, a significant focus. Furthermore, we extend our expertise to areas where renewable energy sources are being developed.

Our team's experience includes working in courthouses, collaborating with county clerks, and engaging in community meetings, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of both the traditional energy and renewable sectors. Texhoma possesses an in-depth grasp of geology as it pertains to land work, which is invaluable in both conventional and renewable energy projects. We understand the positions of our clients' competitors across both spectra, offering a comprehensive competitive edge. We’ve had boots on the ground, negotiating and acquiring leases with land and royalty owners for oil, gas, and renewable projects. Texhoma is always ready to aid our clients in the successful execution of trades, acquisitions, and mergers in both sectors, even after the deal is signed.

The United States is home to multiple oil and gas basins, formations, and plays, each with its unique characteristics. This diversity is mirrored in the renewable energy sector, with different regions presenting varying renewable potentials and challenges. As each area has its distinct personality, history, community, and legal and regulatory structure, perfecting land management services to yield the best return on investment requires a customized blend of process control, industry aptitude, and local insight.

Texhoma stays abreast of changes in local, state, and federal laws and regulations, including those specifically affecting renewable energy. We supply recommendations and guidance to ensure our clients are well-informed of the implications of their projects in both traditional and renewable energy landscapes.



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