Texhoma can handle any and all curative needs you may have from start to finish. We have cured thousands of defects in title and helped our clients pay millions of dollars in royalty payments to mineral owners. We have over 100 years of combined experience in curative and have worked in multiple basins. Our main focus is to eliminate title defects while saving the client time and money.

Front End Curative

    • Assist due diligence by identifying defects in title during acquisitions and trades
    • Address heirship issues during the lease buying process
    • Reference and collect reliable resources to locate mineral owners

Drilling Curative

    • Confirm production information for possible held by production (HBP) wells
    • Eliminate issues that will delay drilling plan including but not limited to pooling and survey needs
    • Support field operations while pursuing unleased interests
    • Maintain landowner correspondence and document records through our land management system (Land Portal)

Division Order Curative

    • Verify title after the certification date of the title opinion
    • Experience in common curative documents including ratifications, stipulations of interest, and amendments
    • Assist clients with setting up pay decks and sending units to revenue
    • Initiate direct communication with mineral owners on behalf of client
    • Perform well maintenance curative work on behalf of client to assist in releasing suspended royalty payments or setting up future transfers.

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