As the United States continues to move toward a cleaner, more environmentally conscious future, so does the energy industry by providing low cost renewable energy. As of September 2019, the total installed wind power generating capacity in the United States was 100,125 megawatts and solar installations are expected to reach 142 gigawatts in 2020 globally. Harvesting the earth’s powers obstructs the rights of ingress and egress for mineral owners on potential wind and solar farms. Let us examine your prospective area to research if there are hinderances that may make your project less profitable. Together, we can build a renewable future.

Comprehensive Reports

    • Extensive experience in depth severances, with capabilities to limit or encompass all depths
    • Discreet abilities in finding and verifying missing working interest, mineral, and royalty owners
    • Going beyond the courthouse, using resources outside the county recordings to help verify claims

Specialty Services

    • Contact subsurface leasehold and mineral owners to assess their willingness to cooperate
    • Research the area to determine the availability and quality of online courthouse or abstract plant records, which in turn affects the time and cost of researching all encumbrances
    • Conduct cursory title research to determine fractured mineral and surface ownerships
    • Connect with the surface owners to determine if there are any unrecorded surface leases such as for hunting, farming, or grazing livestock
    • Negotiate rights of ingress and egress to reduce the hinderance of potential subsurface mineral development

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