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Acquisitions, Trades, and Mergers; we have done them all. Texhoma Land Consultants has completed thousands of due diligence projects, reviewed millions of acres at our client’s request, and has expertise in most basins in the United States. Due Diligence periods are trying, but at Texhoma Land Consultants, we are here to help eliminate the stressful burden placed on the In-house landman. Let our team of experts support you during this demanding time by providing quality land work, real-time updates, and helpful suggestions to improve efficiency and avoid pitfalls unique to your deal. Our consulting team of seasoned landmen is willing to help guide you through the process of negotiation on a Purchase Sales Agreement, with terms favorable to your cause. We take pride in our work and we are dedicated to the success of your project.

Acquisition & Trade Agreement Negotiations

  • Analyzing complex Purchase and Sale Agreements and Trade Agreements
  • Structuring agreements favorable to your company
  • Proven solutions for terms deemed to be a hindrance to your operations

Organizing and Obtaining Data

  • Deciphering through seller’s data and records, ability to make compatible with any buyer’s system
  • Converting systems set-up from either a well or tract basis into individual lease basis; customizable to fit client’s needs
  • Ability to quickly digitize seller’s records, if needed

Contract Review

  • Reviewing complex Purchase and Sale Agreements, to best utilize buyer’s defect tolerance level
  • Farm-in/Farm-out and other various operating agreements
  • Deed of Trust and other financial contracts

Comprehensive Title Reports

  • In-depth ownership reports with mineral, royalty, surface, and working interest owners
  • Vast experience in depth severances, with capabilities to limit or encompass all depths
  • Abilities in finding and verifying missing working interest, mineral, and royalty owners in a discreet manner
  • Verifying tax records, liens, and bankruptcies against the owners or property

Due Diligence File Review

  • Reviewing files for a wide array of issues within the working interest, leasehold and mineral estates, unrecorded agreements, and payment history
  • Easy to understand defect notices with supporting documentation and suggested curative
  • Revenue and JIB deck review
  • Verifying production history reports on producing acreage
  • Lease contract obligations review

Database Capabilities

  • Database with access to Real-time status on title reports and defect review
  • Comprehensive defect system that is easily customizable to any buyer’s needs
  • Categorization of defects by type to show rate of probability for curing defects
  • Acreage and completion projection reports
  • Ability to map approved and defected acreage within buyer’s prospective areas to show the “big picture” of acreage possibilities

Closing of Acquisitions/Trades

  • Exhibit preparation
  • Detailed lease breakdown of acreage acquired
  • Professional lease packages provided for acquired acreage

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