Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Our clients have experienced the benefits of using geospatial analysis to maximize returns and minimize risk. The ability to visually see assets expedites and empowers the decision-making process. The synergy of customized GIS data with our proprietary land management system (Land Portal) increases client efficiencies.

Acreage Analysis

    • Real-time depiction of client’s leasehold position relative to competitors through interactive web-based maps
    • Lease expiration exposure which includes the spatial identification of acreage that is subject to a Pugh Clause

Data Integration

    • One-click toggle from client web map to supporting Land Portal data
    • Integration of land records within GIS spatial data

Development Strategies and Schedule

    • Working hand-in-hand with the Land Department to keep our client on pace with their development schedule
    • Customized maps to assist in well planning and acquisition

Data Extraction and Manipulation

    • This allows for quicker analysis of a target area without having to gather the data manually which saves time and money

GIS Data Maintenance and Storage

    • Preparing, delivering, and processing GIS spatial data
    • Secure and stable storage of GIS data
    • Ideal for companies that do not have a dedicated GIS department or for companies with internal GIS departments in need of external support and expedited project management services

Cartography Services

    • Custom land maps for any project using the latest ESRI ArcGIS software platform

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